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Cleaning our home is an integral part of our day to day life. Depending on the extent and vastness of cleaning, it can be divided into various categories i.e. yearly, monthly, weekly or daily. Where as daily cleaning might involve general vacuum and dusting other types of cleaning are time and effort consuming. Irrespective of the category, the cleaning products are more or less same. Cleaning itself is a cumbersome job without having to worry about the type of cleansers being used. Earlier the motive was to make our house look spotless and smell fresh, without divulging in the ecological aftermaths of cleaning products ingredients. However off late with environmental imbalance threatening us, individuals have started taking initiative for green cleaning. Ordinary cleaning products contains many chemicals and toxic substances like surfactants, phosphates etc, which are harmful for our environment. We should be well informed about the green cleaning products so that the above situation is avoided.

Green house cleaning tips

What is a Green Cleaning Product?

There are many brands which boast their products as environment friendly, but are they actually what they claim? That is for the consumer to decide. Looking at the positive aspect, we can easily assert that shopping stores are loaded with environment friendly cleaning products however we are often left wondering which one to pick from the heap. Most of these products would have terms like ‘green’ or ‘environment friendly’ or earth picture on it still there are no standards or guidelines defined for labeling the product as green. As a result any manufacturer can term his product as green. One exclusive US nonprofit organization – Green Seal, has developed comprehensive standards for such certification, ironically none of the manufacturers have sought this assertion as of now. In nutshell we can say that it is for the customer to think and make a suitable choice while choosing a green cleaning product.

Homemade Green Cleaning Products

It is a daunting experience to buy an item without having complete knowledge or trust on it. Since none of these green cleaning product follow the standards, to prepare your own green cleaning agents at home is a far better choice both from environment and monetary point. Some of the most common ingredients required for preparation are borax, baking soda, white vinegar, olive oil and washing soda etc. Most of these items are generic and there are wide chances that they may be already available in your house. These items are easy and effective in use, saves you from toxic chemicals which adversely affect the environment.

Commercial Green Cleaning Products

However if you are still picking a commercial green cleaning product then you should opt and use them wisely, bearing in mind the false claims of ‘Green’. Here are few tips:

  • First, while using a disinfectant we should not forget that they are harsher cleaner. They sterilize the surface and so can be harmful if not applied adequately. Pick hydrogen peroxide bleach instead of chlorine or oxygen bleach as this does not contains harmful chemicals and can be certified as green cleaner.
  • Secondly, choose for brands which enlist all the ingredients used in manufacturing of green cleaning products on the package. This would help you in opting for product which is most environments friendly.
  • Third but most important, is to restrain using products which are toxic in nature, as these may harm the environment and your personal health to a great extent. These products are most tempting as they give best result as far as cleaning is concerned but should be judged according to their damaging side effects too.

Above are some tips for cleaning your home in healthy and green way. Saving our environment and health is becoming the prime most concern for all individuals. Green home cleaning is a tiny but important step in balancing and preserving our nature. Air duct cleaning, furnace cleaning, chimney cleaning and dryer vent cleaning are all forms of green cleaning since there are generally no chemicals used in any of the cleaning processes. Referred to by duct cleaning companies as source removal, duct cleaning is a means of extracting dirt, pet dander, construction debris and other microbial organisms from the heating and cooling systems of both businesses and homes.

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