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How Often Should Air Ducts be cleaned?

Air duct cleaning refers to cleaning various components of heating, cooling and ventilation systems like air ducts, grills, registers, diffusers, heat exchangers, drip pans, heating and cooling coils, air handling unit housing and fan motors etc.

There were times when people used to think of it as an unnecessary task as long as the systems are working well but now people are much more aware of its importance. Air duct cleaning has become a necessary evil these days as more and more pollution enters are homes and work places. Almost everybody knows the benefits of cleaning air ducts that it increases efficiency of the systems, reduces workload on the system, lowers electricity bills, increases life of the system and is compulsory for the health of the family. The only thing most of them dont know is that how often it should be done!

Most Duct Cleaning Companies Recommend Every 1-2 Years

A plethora of companies in the business of air duct cleaning recommend different intervals extending from yearly to even a span of 3 to 5 years. Obviously the later one makes little sense. Usually an air duct cleaning on an annual basis or at least every other year should keep your system in good working order and you and your family healthy. However, there are exceptions to this as there are situations that need a more frequent cleaning of air ducts. Hence, the answer to how often question needs you to consider few things:

Weather Conditions: If you live in an area subjected to severe climatic conditions then you need to clean the air duct frequently especially when the climate is hot and humid.

Pets: If there are shedding pets at your home their dander may contaminate air ducts through the air that is circulated.

Construction & Renovation: A recent construction and renovation of the home you live in makes an important consideration for the air duct cleaning. Similarly if you are moving into a new house, you may want to consider air duct cleaning because you never know what's in your ducts.

Smoking: If you smoke then a more frequent cleaning session is suggested.

Illness: If someone in the family is suffering from some respiratory disease or is an allergy sufferer, air duct cleaning should be on top of your list at start of every season.

Your systems give clear indications about the right time to go for air cleaning duct session. Here are few of these:

Less air flow: Air flow from the vents is greatly reduced if ducts are dirty. You can feel it keeping hands at the vents

Smelly Odor: If you feel smelly odor just entering the house perhaps it is the time you need air ducts cleaning.

Moist ducts: This is the ideal condition for mold growth and a clear indication that now you should not delay an air cleaning ducts session.

Debris Accumulation: Air registers show the sign of need of cleaning when these get dirty with debris.

Allergic Reactions: Another important reason for considering air cleaning ducts is allergic reactions with no apparent reasons. This indicates poor quality of air indoors and an immediate need to clean air ducts.

Many experts suggest that spring or fall is the best time to schedule air duct cleaning. However, whenever you feel the systems need to be cleaned it is the right time for you! If the time for duct cleaning is now, please fill out the duct cleaning form or give us a call at 612-234-4117 or 651-653-4704 or 763-447-3400 or 952513-4353.

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