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Furnace Cleaning

Annual furnace cleaning is recommended by all furnace manufacturers. In addition to prolonging the life of your heating and cooling system, furnace cleaning can help your family conserve energy. Get on the Schedule

Air Duct Cleaning

The cold air return in your home is like a giant vacuum cleaner, which draws contaminated indoor air into your heating and air conditioning system, only to be repeatedly circulated throughout your home. Request a Quote

Installation & Repair

Our 50+ years in business demonstrates our commitment to provide fast and affordable furnace and a/c repair service as well as quality heating and cooling system installation. Request a Quote

Air Duct and Furnace Cleaning St. Paul

Dusty Air Conditioning Ducts and Filthy Furnaces

Most people try not to think about it but home interiors are dust, dander, and other allergen traps, and the supply is never ending. People can clean and scrub but there’s always a nook for these pesky contaminants to hide. Unfortunately, air ducts conditioning vents, and furnaces are prime locations for an undisturbed, long term dust vacation. Luckily for you (and unluckily for allergens) the experts at Clean My Furnace have the solution. No, it doesn't involve fumigating with toxic chemicals and no, it won't require disassembling your house to clean it inside out. Call us to completely remove dust and dander from your St. Paul house or office.

St. Paul/Minneapolis Cleaning Services

When you call us we’ll quickly send out one of our cleaning technicians. They’ll completely clear out all unwanted contaminants. We’ve been in the air duct cleaning business since 1947. We staff only the best technicians to ensure every job is done as effectively as possible. But we don’t just clean vents and furnaces. We also provide a free air conditioner cleaning and inspection while we are at your home or business. We also clear chimneys and inspection and provide dryer vent cleaning and can even tune-up, clean and repair furnaces. We not only clean air duct work and dryer vents, we also clean fireplaces, air exchanges, a-coils, ventilating systems, even boilers all across the Minneapolis and St. Paul (Twin Cities) metro area. At you can expect a higher level of duct cleaning service than you would from any other St. Paul duct cleaning company, because we have been at it longer than most other companies.

Air Duct Cleaning

Furnace, Chimney & Dryer Vent Cleaning

Serving Minneapolis, St. Paul, Blaine, MN and the 13 county

Twin Cities, Minnesota Metro Area Call:

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We do More Than Clean Ducts

As stated before, in addition to our air duct services we also provide a free A/C inspection and cleaning. We also clean dryer vents (the leading cause of house fires), and we clean transient heating systems and in-floor heating systems. We are one of the few Minneapolis duct cleaners who clean boilers. For more than 15 years, people from all across the Mpls./St. Paul - Twin Cities metro area have relied on the experienced HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) professionals found at

Whether you are looking for duct or dryer vent cleaning, a chimney sweep, a thorough cleaning of your heating and cooling system, or even a new furnace or A/C installation, you've come to the right place. Our duct cleaning company has been in business for more than 15 years, and is a sister company of Hoffman Heating, who has been around since 1947 as a full service St. Paul, Minneapolis Heating Air Conditioning Contractor. Because we saw a need for furnace, air duct, dryer vent cleaning and other additional services, we decided to create a new division as a way to better service our Twin Cities customers. With air duct cleaning becoming increasingly more popular, we felt a need to offer it as a complimentary service to our business.

Installing furnaces and air conditioners across the St. Paul and Minneapolis metro area we have seen first-hand the massive amounts of dust in the air duct work. The EPA and all furnace and air conditioner manufacturers suggesting that the various HVAC components should be cleaned annually. For that reason, we felt it would be doing a disservice by not promoting the benefits of our furnace and air conditioning services. We are very pleased to announce our air duct cleaning special:

"Whole House" Air Duct Service $99!

No Square Footage Limitations

No Environmental Fees

No Hidden Charges

No Trip Charges

No Surprises

The price mentioned above for air duct cleaning includes a thorough cleaning of ALL your air duct work, as well as a thorough furnace, air conditioning, and chimney inspection. Also, there are no additional charges for hot & cold air returns, and the price is not based on how many vents you might have. Unlike many of our competitors, we don't tack on additional charges after the fact.

Unless you have a very unusual heating and cooling system (attic systems, in-floor heating, dual furnaces, geothermal, etc.) the only price you will pay is what you are quoted before we even begin the job. If you DO have an unusual system, please tell us in advance. We have been in the heating and cooling business for many years and have solutions for nearly everything.

Air Ducts

Most air duct cleaners and heating and cooling contractors agree, air ducts should be cleaned every two years depending on the air quality in your home. Furnaces and air conditioners should be cleaned and tuned-up annually, as recommended by the manufacturer. If you have any questions or concerns about our duct work cleaning techniques or the HVAC systems we carry, please email or call us at: 651-344-0392.

Ask about our Rotobrush© method:

Using the Rotobrush© method, we send our high-powered vacuum which has a spinning, soft-bristled brush inside the hose, through your air ducts. This patented vacuum/brush is cleaning off dust, dirt, pet hair, fleas, snakes, dead get the idea :) When our air duct cleaners are finished your air ducts will be as clean as the day they were installed!

Furnaces in St. Paul

Our furnace cleaning method meets and exceeds manufacturer guidelines. First, we clean and lubricate the furnace blower assembly, and also the pilot light assembly and the burners. In addition we check the bearings and the belt, and most importantly, we check for gas leaks and a cracked heat exchanger. For added safety we do a carbon monoxide test and inspect the flue inside your furnace chimney.

Schedule Duct Cleaning Now, or call 651-494-4466 to start enjoying cleaner air in your Minneapolis home!

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